Members/Title/Contact Info:
Miriam Simonds, Commissioner-2020
Steve Davenport, Commissioner-2021
William Perkins, Commissioner-2019 | 1-802-525-3007

Cemetery Regulations

Lot Pricing
1. Westmore resident:  $200 plus $200 Perpetual Care.
2. Westmore non-resident taxpayer:  $400 plus $200 Perpetual Care
3. Non-resident non-Westmore taxpayer:  $2000 plus $200 Perpetual Care

Lots Per Family

Maximum of two lots per family.

Resale of Lot(s)

The Town will repurchase Lot(s) at original purchase price upon written request to the Cemetery Commissioners, c/o Westmore Town Clerk

Transfer of Deed(s)

Approval of Cemetery Commissioners is required.
Interments Per Lot
Up to three (3) caskets plus up to four (4) crematory urns in addition to a single headstone and/or flush markers.

Lot Care

Your cooperation is required to keep Perpetual Care costs reasonable.
Please, no trees, shrubs or perennials!
Place annual flowers when possible.


Permitted but flush stones/markers preferred and of permanent materials.  Adequate concrete footings required.  Flush or headstones must not encroach on Lot Lines or adjoining Lot(s).
As approved 21 March 2009 by the Westmore Select Board
Cemetery Report
We are writing to request your support and understanding regarding Maintenance of Cemetery Lots in both the Old and New Sections. Because of its hilly nature and abundance of headstones, our Cemetery is a challenge to maintain physically and cost-effectively.
To help ease these burdens, we have asked in the Annual Town Reports that trees, shrubs, bushes, and perennials NOT BE PLANTED since these tend to increase mowing and maintenance costs. Compounding the problem is the lower rate of return on Perpetual Care Funds which means fewer dollars available for Maintenance now that CD rates are down.
How can you help???? By checking your Lot for conformance and by limiting plantings to annuals easily maintained by you and/or the Maintenance Crew. We recognize the deep significance that your Lot has for and your loved ones so help us through voluntary compliance to maintain and enhance the Westmore Cemetery. (Lake View Cemetery)
Westmore Lakeview Cemetery Commissioners

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