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C & D (construction material)
12¢ per pound
Effective Jan 16, 2016
Per order of Selectboard

Transfer Station

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Trash/Recycling information- 2017
Unacceptable for Recycling
Transfer Station Fees (1/11/16)

Town of Westmore Transfer Station GuidelinesIf you are visiting the Westmore Transfer Station, please check in with an attendant so that they may direct you. Your vehicle or its contents may be weighed prior to unloading. Some areas are restricted, so please follow the signs. Do not go beyond public access areas for your own safety. Access to the contents of the burn pile or the Construction & Demolition bin is prohibited. There are times when transfer station bins are near full capacity, so please call ahead if you intend to bring large truckloads or dumpsters of waste.

Household Waste

Residents of Westmore are provided with municipal trash collection year round. You are also welcome to use the Transfer Station during regular operating hours if you purchase a vehicle sticker from the Town Clerk’s Office. All rubbish must be in clear, closed plastic bags – NOT BLACK PLASTIC BAGS. Dates for trash and recycling pick-up, as well as Transfer Station operating hours, are listed at the Town Clerk’s Office, the Transfer Station and the Westmore Annual Report. Recycling is mandatory in the town of Westmore. Do not put items in your household waste that you can recycle or that are handled in the following ways.

Special Wastes

The following are NOT household wastes and should be handled accordingly:
Scrap metal, non-treated, burnable waste, tires, and construction demolition debris can be disposed of at the Transfer Station for a nominal fee. Check in all loads prior to unloading. There is a designated location for each of these items.
Oil, oil filters, automotive batteries, fluorescent bulbs, aerosol cans, propane tanks, computers, printer cartridges, cell phones, TV’s and other electronics are collected all year at the Transfer Station. Some fees apply to electronics.
Acceptable household hazardous waste can be disposed of on scheduled annual collection days or by appointment only June through the end of September by calling the NEK Waste Management District office. This includes toxic, corrosive, reactive, explosive and flammable products, such as non-latex paints, cleaners, thermometers, garden and pest sprays, automotive products, fuel and chemicals. If you have any questions about acceptable hazardous waste disposal, give the Waste District a call and they will help you and/or direct you to the proper waste handling facility. For example, biohazardous materials, such as insulin needles must go to a medical facility. Please do not put them in your rubbish.

Westmore Town Clerk | (802) 525-3007
Westmore Transfer Station | (802) 467-3838
NEK Waste Management District | (802) 626-3532 or (800) 734-4602
(Or try their website for up-to-date schedules)


How You Recycle

All recycling set out for municipal pick-up must be clean, meet the following guidelines and be kept dry in closed, clear plastic bags available at the Town Clerk’s Office or your grocery store. Do not put in paper bags, bins or boxes unless you are able to sort your recycling at the transfer station. Dates for trash and recycling pick-up, as well as Transfer Station operating hours, are listed at the Town Clerk’s Office, the Transfer Station and the Westmore Annual Report. Because of fluctuations in the market, changes may be made to this list in the future, but for now, please sort recycling into these FOUR basic categories.

Papers: Newspapers & Magazines include catalogs, telephone and paperback books and glossy inserts. NO packing and shipping paper. ASSorted office paper (junk mail) includes colored and white paper, junk mail, envelopes with and without windows and stick-on labels. Printed or unprinted computer paper, office and copier paper, letterhead or stationary. Color photocopy paper, laser paper, manila folders, index cards, card stock, construction paper and holiday wrapping paper. NO foil wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, carbon paper, facial tissue paper or rubber bands.

Cardboard:Corrugated cardboard. NO wax-coated cardboard, boxboard, egg cartons, cardboard soiled with food waste, or Styrofoam. Remove excess tape. Staples are OK. Brown kraft bags & boxboard includes brown paper grocery bags, macaroni, cereal and toothpaste boxes. NO strings, handles, or bags with plastic linings. No paper towel or toilet paper rolls. No freezer or refrigerator food containers. No pizza or fruit boxes.

Cans, Glasses & Plastics: Tin cans, aluminum cans and food trays Labels are OK. No foil wrap. Flattening is not required. Must be thoroughly clean – not just rinsed. Glass(all colors) includes clean, clear, green, blue and amber glass bottles and jars, plates, windows, mirrors, crystal, ceramics, Pyrex and drinking glasses. NO lids, metal rings, cardboard or wood. PLASTIC (#1 THROUGH #7) Labels are OK. Flattening is not required. NO lids. Look for the # stamped on the bottom of the container. Includes soft drink, water and juice bottles, salad oil, peanut butter jars, milk jugs, detergent, shampoo and most household product bottles. Automotive product containers and tubs are acceptable as long as they are clean. Again, all items must be thoroughly clean – not just rinsed – or they will not be acceptable.

Plastic Bags includes clean plastic bags in a clear plastic bag. Ag bags can be delivered to the waste district. Call ahead for more information.

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